Commercial spaces decoration: thinking outside the box


Mirage is able to guarantee solutions tailored for commercial projects to meet all technical and aesthetic needs, with a wide assortment of sizes, thicknesses, materials and finishes. All that remains is to choose the style that suits you best.


Creek | natural colors for an industrial inspiration

The Creek collection is the ideal solution if you’re looking for an industrial-style design. Its natural colors, ranging from beige to tobacco, bring a contemporary touch to any space. The bright nuanced effects, contrasting gnarls and veins are able to transmit tactile and visual sensations.


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Oxy | Metal effect and rough finish

he Oxy collection combines a sheet metal effect with seven neutral colors to create an extraordinarily bold blend of materials. The perfect choice for those who appreciate materials aged and corroded by the passing of time.


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Wooow | Cozy textile mood

A mix of carpet with an elegant textile inspiration is the hallmark of the Wooow collection. Inspired by the typical patterns of yarn, the collection features a color movement that alternates between emptiness and fullness, recreating a fabric effect with a soft, natural appearance on floors and walls. The perfect choice for an inviting clothes shop.


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Beyond aesthetics

Appearance is just one of the many parameters that guides the choice of furnishings: there are also some technical details to consider. For example, Mirage porcelain stoneware solutions are LEED Compliant, which means that they contribute to obtaining LEED credits, which certify a green building.


Bedroom ideas: a natural inspiration


Natural wood-effect tiles represent a classic choice for bedroom floors. Wood tones have the advantage of furnishing the environment and making it welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. What makes this solution contemporary is the rustic effect, a detail that has become a decorative element.



Drakkar collection: the charm of time

The “rough”, lived-in texture of the Drakkar collection reproduces an imperfect surface that smoothly combines nature with the passing of time.

The features of this collection give the environment a lived-in, welcoming look, making it the perfect place to rest surrounded by the feeling of warmth created by a wood-effect floor. If your bedroom also has an en-suite bathroom, you can use the same tile for both areas, since Mirage porcelain stoneware is both shock and water resistant and easy to clean (read more in our article).

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Noon collection: raw style

The “raw-design style” of the Noon collection is a celebration of the imperfect, the unfinished.
The collection is the result of a skillful mix of references: oxidized boards faded by the sun, as well as traces of shells, crusts or bark, making each individual board unequivocally different from the others in terms of color and design.

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If your bedroom has a terrace or an outdoor space, you can obtain the same effect there too.
Evo 2_e is a complete project dedicated to exterior design.

The Evo2/E project allows for the creation of continuity between indoor and outdoor environments, further enhancing the use of porcelain stoneware.

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Wood-effect tiles | how to choose the style for your home


The wood effect plays a key role in contemporary interior design, with a cozy, refined touch particularly appreciated for home projects. But how to choose the most suitable product to express your style?

Sometimes it’s quite hard to decide when you have a lot of choice available.
Mirage can help you, with a wide range of wood-effect collections designed for many different tastes: just pick one!



BWild | Ethno-chic inspiration


If your style mood is close to ethno-chic, the BWild collection could be the right choice, mixing modern and traditional tastes with a flavor of far-off lands.
BWild by Mirage marks a return to the natural look, with a contemporary slant for a smoothly sophisticated style. This collection is composed of several wood options – burnt, oxidized and hand-drawn brushstrokes – combined to create profoundly natural shifts of color. 


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Drakkar | A collection for authenticity lovers



If you appreciate textures that give expression to the passing of time, you will probably be fascinated by Drakkar, a collection that offers a balanced reproduction of nature and its imperfect surfaces, for a truly authentic result. The collection is made up of various types of wood planks, each with their own history, past and, above all, individual aesthetic qualities.
The grouting and scratches create a new aesthetic code that highlights any blemishes and “unfinished” parts, transforming them into new elements of artistic expression and even decorations in some cases.


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Noon | a celebration of imperfections



The NooN collection represents Mirage’s interpretation of “raw design style”: a return to the origins, a celebration of the unfinished.
The NooN collection 
offers a faithful interpretation of the grains, gnarls and variety of patterns typical of unfinished wood planks. 

The collection is the result of a skillful mix of references: oxidized boards faded by the sun, as well as traces of shells, crusts or bark, making each individual board unequivocally different from the others in terms of color and design.
A fresh viewpoint that is nonetheless able to preserve all those spontaneous variants that can be found in nature.


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Mirage Engineering: technical solutions for your work setting


Office design is continuously developing towards the needs of people living in the work space. In terms of style, offices are improving as regards the concept, moving beyond the culture of a box to be productive in, without distractions, towards designing more comfortable, creative, bright, colorful settings.

Designers are also seeking to respond to functional requirements, attempting to guarantee effective solutions in terms of technical and structural needs.


The constant increase in technological and design equipment in workplaces (electrical, telephone and IT networks, heating systems and air conditioning systems) has led to a growing trend towards technical solutions, such as raised flooring. This kind of solution is extremely practical, because it can be used to “conceal” components, making it easy to arrange and move cables and pipes as required.

As regards metal structures, Mirage Engineering is able to build flexible, versatile solutions to make optimum use of the space available, with the advantage that it is possible to modify the layout of a room, carry out maintenance easily, access and modify utility lines running underneath raised flooring without the need for any masonry work.

This offers unquestionable savings in terms of time and management costs.


Technical raised floors are functional and flexible in terms of installation –  they can even be placed on top of an existing floor – and they also guarantee beautiful results. The upper covering, made in porcelain stoneware, can be used in various finishings to ensure the best solution for each situation. Choosing Mirage for a technical project means having all the skill and experience of an Engineering business unit, dedicated to providing invaluable technical support at all project phases, from the first draft right up to laying.


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Loft decoration: contemporary setting


Not everyone knows that the term loft comes from the ancient Norwegian language lopt, which means air and indicates an open space in modern design.

The first lofts, built around the 70s, were inspired by the New York houses-ateliers; this esprit is still alive in this kind of apartment, a stylish solution for interior design lovers.



Tips for a loft decor

When decorating a loft, the key concept to consider is the history of the space, in order to preserve the original environment. This kind of apartment often has the typical features of former industrial buildings – lack of dividers, high ceiling, large windows, cement and exposed bricks. These features represent the most important architectural elements to maintain in the new project, in order to preserve its most original essence. This principle is also often maintained in interior decoration, where minimalism and continuous effect are the main inspiration to point up the spaciousness of an open-plan setting.

For a personal interpretation of wall and floor decoration, a good choice for a loft is the metal effect.


Oxy collection: metal effect on your loft’s floors and walls

Scratched, oxidized metals. Craft skills and high-tech performance. OXY is a Mirage project that turns ceramics into a furnishing element, taking inspiration from all the concepts described. Feisty and full of character, this is a futuristic collection for cutting-edge architectural solutions.



Painted sheet metals and oxidized effects create original, attractive looks, in which the ageing and corroding of the material shapes new style canons.

Just as at home in Tokyo as in London, Paris or New York, OXY is a metropolitan experience perfect for luxury loft apartments and exclusive stores, trendy public areas or ventilated facades on contemporary buildings.



Oxy is a project inspired by the world of industry, in which Mirage porcelain stoneware combines with sheet metal into an extraordinarily bold blend of materials.


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Dress up your home: textile inspiration


Usually used as a decorative element that enriches spaces with softness and comfort, the textile effect represents an interesting choice to dress up any room of the home, adding a tactile sensation and alternating colors and dynamic surface effects.

Mirage has designed a unique collection that plays with fabric coverings and offers added value: the safety and practicality only a porcelain stoneware floor can offer.


Wooow collection by Mirage: intertwining effect

Mirage expresses these concepts in the Wooow collection, an authentic blend of natural fibres reproduced on porcelain tiles.

Influenced by the typical patterns of yarn, the collection features a color movement that alternates between emptiness and fullness, recreating a fabric effect on floors and walls with a soft, natural appearance.


 Natural colors for cozy settings

The four colors in this collection are inspired by natural tones and are designed to be mixed to create precious transitions and soft shades. In this way, the ceramic floor and wall coverings are transformed into furnishing elements that fill both home and commercial spaces with a unique style.


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When style meets easy care | Porcelain stoneware


From avantgarde to the most traditional settings, tiles offer endless style options, in order to design rooms that express every personal preference and match the specific lifestyle of the people experiencing the ambience.

The extreme flexibility of design options isn’t the only outstanding feature of this material: porcelain stoneware is extremely easy to take care of, because it is a compact, resistant material with virtually no porosity (and therefore absorbs almost no water).


Cleaning instructions: Do’s and don’ts


For day-to-day cleaning, the simplest solution is often the best; we recommend simply using bleach or ammonia, suitably diluted in water. If the floor you choose is in polished porcelain stoneware, you will need to dry the floor after washing: this will prevent unsightly smudges.


For routine cleaning, follow the simple rules explained above. We strongly advise against the application of waxes, oily soaps, impregnating products and other treatments (water and oil repellent) on porcelain stoneware: it is not necessary and can make the situation worse.

The reason? Some detergents contain waxes and gloss-inducing additives which, after various washes, can deposit a bright coat on the floor. This coat modifies the tile’s original appearance, but it is sensitive to Coca Cola, water, wine etc., so if some drops of food or drink ruin it, you will have to de-wax the entire floor to recreate a homogeneous look.

Mirage porcelain stoneware is a technologically advanced, high-performance material: total quality for peace of mind.


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Mirage means… Warm atmosphere


If you’re thinking of moving home in the next future, you might be interested in wood effect tiles. Warm colours, natural shades and lived-in textures make spaces comfortable, warm and tasteful. Let’s start from the bathroom: the point when it comes to decide the setting lies in the fact that it is a particularly wet room, subjected to the attack of aggressive cleaning products; these facts make porcelain stoneware a stronger choice than wood.

Porcelain stoneware is a very resistant material. For the bathroom it is an excellent choice because it resists impacts, water and it is very easy to clean. But how is the wood effect stoneware yield from an aesthetic point of view? The wood effect finds in porcelain stoneware a new expressive language, which guarantees tactile and visual fidelity, without renouncing the functional and advantageous advantages of a single material.

The living force of the wood material finds with Mirage collections a new tactile expression and a contemporary appeal.


Drakkar collection | The passing of time


The “rough” lived-in texture of Drakkar collection by Mirage is a reliable expression of wood  essence surface that combines nature with the passing of time, to create a truly authentic balance. The collection is made up of various types of wood planks, each with their own history, past and, above all, personal aesthetic qualities.

It thus comes in a range of bold yet well balanced colours, which make this collection both classic and contemporary. The scratches create a new aesthetic code that highlights any blemishes and “unfinished” parts, transforming them into new elements of artistic expression and even decorations in some cases. Discover other bathroom projects realized by Mirage. Get inspired: Mirage means freedom of expression.


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Living décor ideas: a tile for every style


In 2018, ceramics will definitively be going beyond the idea of a cold tile towards the idea of a sophisticated covering for every design project.

With a wide range of possibilities guaranteed by this material, designers and architects just have to choose the desired effect for a cozy, stylish, almost upholstered look. Let’s take a look at the main trendy furnishing possibilities for 2018. 


Wood look: natural inspiration


The Noon collection by Mirage is the result of a skillful mix of references: oxidized boards faded by the sun, as well as traces of shells, crusts or bark, making each individual board unequivocally different from the others in terms of color and design.
A fresh viewpoint that is nonetheless able to preserve all those spontaneous variants that can be found in nature.


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Stone effect: original, raw taste


If you’re looking for an original, raw taste look, Na.Me by Mirage might be the collection for you.
This collection is the result of research into the stones most widely used in modern architecture and contemporary design: each slab has its own story to tell, and features refined patterns, smooth colors and crafted details.

Na.Me offers a distinctive take on natural references, thanks to the unique quality of selected natural raw materials and cutting-edge techniques that allow for the creation of something that goes beyond the simple interpretation of stone and yields monolithic porcelain slabs with refined patterns and a unique appearance.


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Marble look


Marble-effect tiles are the finest solution to give any setting an elegant look. The Jewels Select collection by Mirage is the latest expression of the most precious natural stone: an exclusive collection of splendid marbles reproduced in porcelain, for floors and walls.

An extraordinary work of research and technical perfection in the veining effect, in the blend of delicate hues, the marked nuances, the small details: Jewels Select is a versatile collection to plan prestigious interiors, combining the functionality of porcelain and timeless beauty.


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Mirage means: Easy to lay


The large slabs by Mirage are a successful aesthetic solution thanks to the continuous effects they are able to generate, and they’re also easy to install, lay and clean.


Here is our tutorial that shows you how to install Mirage large slabs, step by step.
If you’ve decided to give your setting a gorgeous touch using large slabs, you’ll have to think about transport first of all.
Where possible, mechanical lifting systems should be used for delivering slabs above the ground floor.

Watch more in our video:



Handling the slabs on the floor can be managed with the aid of a frame fitted with suction cups to make the slabs more stable.
As you saw in the previous video, the appropriate suction cups may be used for manual handling.
It is essential to check warpage; the maximum tolerance permitted is 1 mm every 2 meters.

Then you will have to see to the gluing. A double layer of glue is recommended.
The first, on the slab to be laid, must be parallel to the short side, while the second must be applied to the base, and spread in the same direction.

 To avoid the slabs chipping during laying, an appropriate device should be used for placing the slabs next to one another.



Levelling systems are recommended to ensure the surface laid is perfectly level.

Once the slab is in position, excess air should be removed completely by tapping it either manually or mechanically using the appropriate trowel, starting from the center and moving out towards the sides.



You’ve completed the installation; now you’ll have to see to post-laying cleaning, which is mandatory after on-site works.
Inadequate or late removal of the grouting used on the joints can leave marks that are difficult to remove, and create a cement film on the tiles that absorbs all types of dirt, thus giving the impression that it is the tile that has become dirty.

Finally, you can also use large slabs for porcelain dressing tables and counters.

Watch our tutorial:



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