Best modern design ideas for lovers of neutral colors and textile looks

Are you planning to design or decorate your bedroom?
Bedrooms should be for relaxing, and nothing can calm and balance
a space as well as neutrals.


Inspired by the typical patterns of yarn, the new Wooow collection by Mirage features a color movement that alternates between emptiness and fullness, recreating a fabric effect in porcelain tiles on floors and walls with a soft, natural appearance.



Sophisticated colors and palpable effects: the Wooow collection by Mirage is an authentic blend of natural fibers reproduced in porcelain tiles; a mix of carpet and moquette for a perfect, elegant textile inspiration.



The four colors of the collection, Cotton, Linum, Biscuit and Silver, come in gorgeous shades and nuances to create a uniquely beautiful intertwining effect. Each fiber has a color that blends smoothly with the others, creating an avant-garde medley of shades with seamless transitions.


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