Mirage USA, the latest step Italian quality stonetiles


Italy has a long tradition in production and research of porcelain stoneware, reason why this country is known as the master in tiles.

Project created using Italian ceramic floor and wall tiles are at heart of an exclusive design result.



Drakkar Collection


Mirage USA is the latest step in the on-going evolution of Mirage Granito Ceramico SpA, one of the Italian milestones in porcelain stoneware, that have been designing new living solutions for 45 years, collaborating with more than 160 countries around the world. A perfect combination of the most sophisticated, exclusive Italian-crafted design and the advantages of manufacturing in the USA.


BWild Collection



The company’s mission is to represent the excellent quality of Italian ceramic production, and its “Made in Italy” label, throughout the world.
Not only offering quality porcelain stoneware as a result of creativity and mastery that have always been identified with Italian style, it also protects and safeguards human resources and the local area. With the implementation of new facilities and corporate resources in the United States, Mirage Granito Ceramico is forging ahead with its process of continual development and renewal, with the aim of offering customers the finest porcelain solutions for their markets, wherever they may be.

Mirage is the ideal choice for design teams and architects as well as retailers and collaborators, which it supports through the delicate stages involved in managing projects and work sites.


Creek Collection



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Porcelain Tiles, a low-maintenance solution for your floor


Porcelain stoneware is a high performance solution for floors and coverings not just for its excellent aesthetic qualities, but even because it is a very easy material both to clean and to mantain.

Mirage porcelain stoneware is in fact a compact, resistant material with virtually no porosity – and therefore it absorbs almost no water.
Its technological performance is due to the purest materials that are used, with minerals, kaolin, feldspars and clay making up 99% of each individual tile.
There are many good reasons to depend on Mirage floors and coverings.



It’s resistant

Porcelain stoneware is resistant to most common acids. This means that on one side in the kitchen – with vinegar, lemon juice, wine and coffee – or in the bathroom – with creams, nail polish and detergents – there are no problems. Surfaces won’t be ruined; they are even resistant to abrasion, more than any natural material.



It’s easy-mainteinable

Porcelain stoneware is both heat and frost resistant and its colors doesn’t change if exposed to sun, wheather or smog.
These are many technical qualities which guarantee an excellent durability over time.



It’s easy to assemble

Last but not least, even the installation part is far than difficult to realize.
Even talking about large slabs, the last trend in architectural design.
Watch our video tutorial:


The technical and esthetic characteristics of the material provide a wide range of options,
making this product extremely versatile and easy to coordinate.


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Large-size slabs for new design opportunities


As recently seen in the most important design fairs and events, large-size slabs are not just the latest trend in the interior design world; they also offer a great opportunity for architects and design engineers to add a unique touch of character to any type of project, from commercial to private.



Large-size slabs join the range of Mirage collections, offering a variety of surfaces that combine high technology with creativity.

The assortment of sizes, thicknesses and finishes guarantees huge increase in its potential for application, with tailor-made solutions for all the technical demands of the building – indoors, outdoors, floors and wall coverings –, coordinated in a single color or mixing different material looks. 9 mm is the ideal thickness for reliable floor coverings even in large sizes, and of course also for wall coverings.

The 120×120 size is safe in all contexts, while the 120×240 size is ideal for continuous wall coverings without swarf.



Within the evolving contemporary architecture scene, Mirage has now expanded its range of large slabs with the introduction of the 160×160 and 160×320 cm sizes.

Produced in a thickness of 6 mm, the large slabs by Mirage are light and easy to handle, cut and lay, recommended for applications in residential settings, commercial settings with light traffic or not subject to heavy loads or the passage of hard-wheel trolleys.

These are products ready to offer new creative and functional opportunities, guaranteed by the size and the impressive variety of application options.



And finally, the 20mm slabs, created for outdoor use, with dry, raised or glued laying techniques.

Large size slabs, like all Mirage tiles collections, are eco-friendly products that love and respect the environment.



Mirage believes that the planning and production of high quality flooring and wall tiles should not be incompatible with safeguarding the environment, and above all, the unconditional respect for everything that surrounds us.




Hardscape North America 2017


It’s time for Hardscape North America in Louisville, KY!


Hosted by Belgard Outdoor Living, Mirage USA is going to participate at the 11th edition of the most important tradeshow dedicated to the hardscape industry, taking place on October 18-20, 2017 at the Kentucky Exposition.

The Hardscape Show for Contractors and Dealers is the only national trade show devoted entirely to the hardscape industry. Indoor and outdoor exhibits display state-of-the-art tools, products and services and the latest equipment for the hardscape industry.

You’ll find MirageUSA and the EVO_2/e range at booth 20062.

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Mirage presents its new collections at Cersaie 2017


Event: Cersaie 2017
When: 25-29 September 2017
Where: Bologna Fiere, Italy


Just a few days until the start of the 2017 edition of CERSAIE – the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings – and preparations for the new Mirage stand are almost done. With more than 800 exhibitors from almost 35 countries, Cersaie is an event held from 25th September to 29th September 2017 in Bologna, Italy, and is one of the most important trade fairs in the Ceramic Tile world, featuring the latest products and trends in the ceramic and bathroom furnishings sector.



So stay up to date with the latest news in the porcelain stoneware and flooring industry: the Mirage Team will be there to present the new projects and collections for 2017! Come and see us at Pavilion 25 – Booth A266-B267 to discover all the new collections from flooring to ceramic tiles.
We look forward to seeing you!


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What does the Mirage “Designed in Italy, Made in USA” label mean?


Mirage USA is seeking to deliver an innovative, skilled response to the demands of the North American market concerning technological development applied to the manufacture of porcelain products. Mirage USA offers a perfect combination of the most sophisticated, exclusive, Italian-crafted design and the advantages of manufacturing in the USA.



The “Designed in Italy | Made in USA” label is not just a sales slogan.
It is an expression of a unique combination of values: professional ethics,
social responsibility and respect for others.



It is a production model that endorses the “Made in USA” label in terms of social responsibility, encouraging an environmentally friendly culture in the belief that people and nature represent vital resources that must be safeguarded.

That is why Mirage invests in beneficial products and industrial processes to curb energy consumption and therefore limit potential damage to the environment that may occur through the processing of raw materials. These efforts have made it possible for the company to earn various environmental and product certifications.



The solutions that Mirage designs and supplies meet the demands of any setting – from airports to shopping centers, as well as homes and public spaces all around the US and worldwide. Mirage floor and wall tiles meet sustainable building criteria, while international certifications demonstrate the company’s low environmental impact, high-end performance and comfortable living solutions.


How to clean porcelain stoneware floors


Among the many technical qualities of porcelain stoneware, which guarantee its excellent durability over time, is its stain resistance and how easy it is to clean.


In the kitchen, oil, wine and coffee do not leave irremovable marks on porcelain stoneware floors. In the bathroom, perfumes, creams and nail varnish do not stick to or stain the surfaces.

In addition, organic substances and bacteria, which cause allergies and illnesses, cannot build up on ceramic granite, and strong detergents and disinfectants can be used on it without damaging the material.

There are three different types of cleaning operations for porcelain stoneware.



“Post-laying” cleaning


Post-laying cleaning is obligatory after on-site works in order to immediately remove the grouting used on the joints without leaving marks.

It is essential to dissolve and remove these residues completely, using buffered acids diluted in water, which must then be removed completely and quickly, rinsing the floor with plenty of water to avoid residue or drops on the floor which could damage the tiles.

We suggest performing a preliminary wash on a sample surface of a few square meters; if the test is successful, extend cleaning over the entire surface.



Day-to-day cleaning


For routine cleaning, Mirage recommends the use of bleach or ammonia, suitably diluted in water; for polished porcelain stoneware, dry the floor after washing to prevent unsightly smudges.

We strongly advise against the use of waxes, oily soaps, impregnating products and various treatments (water and oil repellent) on the porcelain stoneware product, as their application is unnecessary. As is often the case in certain off-the-shelf detergents, they contain waxes and gloss, with additives which, after various washes, can deposit a bright coat on the floor.

It is also important to point out that Hydrofluoric acid (HF) and its derivatives can irredeemably damage porcelain stoneware.


Extraordinary cleaning


In the case of particular and/or particularly stubborn stains, we advise you to use specific detergents (as better indicated in this table).

Moreover, please remember that removing any type of stain is easier if it is removed while still fresh. It is important to always run a preventive test before using detergent products, especially for lapped or smoothed porcelain stoneware.


Why choose Mirage porcelain stoneware for floors and coverings

Floors and wall coverings come in many styles and materials, so knowing the technical characteristics represent a crucial aspect to consider, as well as finding the best-looking product to define the style of your home or any other commercial spaces.

In this years, porcelain stoneware is becoming a major trend in interior design and the first choice over other traditional flooring products, for many valuable reasons: it is a compact, resistant, material with virtually no porosity, and therefore absorbs almost no water, ideal for any settings condition.

But why choose Mirage porcelain stoneware?
Mirage uses innovative technology to produce unique ceramic tiles, avoiding the repetitive textures
and replicated effects typical of more traditional decorated ceramics.


Each tile has its own unique identifying features and meets the criteria for innovative architecture with its ability to combine esthetics and technological performance. Mirage has installed over 130 million square meters of ceramic slabs throughout the world, a guarantee of the quality of its versatile, high-performance porcelain stoneware.

This material is able to match any aesthetic or technological requirement and has gained a great deal of recognition.

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Mirage USA at ICFF New York


MAY 3-5, 2017

NYC’s Javits Center | New York City, NY

Mirage presents the new iconic collection #PoPJob, designed by Studio Job at the 2017 ed. of ICFF New York

ICFF is North America’s premiere trade showcase for architecture and fine interior design. The four-day show attracts more than 700 exhibitors from all points of the globe that specialize in high-end luxury design and is attended by more than 32,000 discerning architects, interior designers, developers, retailers, and manufacturers from leading international firms.

Discover PoPJob and others Mirage collections at booth 2219 at the NYC’s Javits Center in New York City.




PoPJob & Mirage USA at HDexpo 2017


MAY 3-5, 2017


Mirage USA presents the new iconic collection PoPJob, designed by Studio Job, at the HDexpo 2017.

HDexpo is the premier trade show and hospitality conference for its industry. Established in 1992 and presented by Hospitality Design magazine, it remains at the forefront by offering the newest and most innovative products and services, encouraging and sharing ideas, providing inspiration and connecting hospitality professionals.

Discover PoPJob and others Mirage collections at booth 4557 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Vegas.