New Project | Back yard pool and decking remodel


This project was a back yard pool and decking remodel. The project includes a complete pool remodel, with a new fountain feature, floating stepping stones, a firepit, and raised seating areas. The paving is Mirage Porcelain tile pavers, and Trex low maintenance manufactured “wood” decking. (cit. Richard Lusk)

Product: Quarziti 2.0 Glacier QR 01 & Waterfall QR 03 24″x24″


NooN project | Pasadena Villa outdoor flooring


Product: NooN Hony NN 03 8″x48″
Place: Pasadena CA
Architect: Pacific Outdoor Living


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Transition project | Residential Interiors in Rochester NY

Products: Transition Fade TR 01-03
Place: Rochester NY

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The South Ferry underground station reopens following the flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy

The New York underground is one of the most extensive underground transport networks in the world, with almost 500 stations, as well as one of the oldest, with the first of the lines inaugurated in 1904.

Linked in 2009 with the Whitehall Street stop, in 2012, South Ferry station was completely flooded with salt water during Hurricane Sandy, which hit the city of New York hard.


Following renovation work, South Ferry station finally reopened to the public in June.

For the sake of consistency with the previous style, the station – previously tiled with Mirage porcelain stoneware from the Black&White collection – was renewed, maintaining the striking color effect of the ceramics in the color Extrabianco.

The tiles were laid using a ventilated facade system applied inside the underground; this option was chosen not so much for top energy performance as for the need to be able to inspect the services ducts behind the tiles.

The use of porcelain stoneware also made it possible to have lighter tiles that were easier to handle, yet still boasted excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, with particular attention paid to how easily any graffiti could be removed.

The main technical evolution applied during the reconstruction work regarded the creation of tiles decorated with diagonal red strips and lettering with the name of the station, also in shades of black and red for a sharp contrast with the white surface, enhancing the geometry of the underground station with a minimalist style.


Wood Look Project: Private Villa in Vegas


For 40 years now, Mirage has been designing high quality and stylish porcelain tiles for flooring and coverings, meeting the demands of any type of setting – from commercial and public buildings to residential spaces, thanks to the versatility and performance of its highly developed products.

What allows such great versatility is Mirage’s porcelain, which responds to the highest quality and technical standards demanded by a constantly evolving market.



Wood look porcelain tiles are one of the main trends for indoor and outdoor floor, combining the technical advantages of porcelain stoneware with the beauty and elegance of wood.

From contemporary to rustic and minimalist, or inspired by scandinavian-design, Mirage wood-effect porcelain stoneware brings the sharp details of the natural material to life on the ceramic surface, available in a variety of sizes to turn any setting into a genuinely warm living space.

These materials are inspired by significant architectural works and the wood details within them. The variety of innovative formats, sizes, colours and treatments, give architects and designers infinite possibilities for creativity.


Place: Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)


In the heart of Vegas (NV), this private villa represents an architectural creation with a contemporary style that promotes the harmony between people and nature.



In order to recreate a “raw-design style”, the flooring inside the private residence has been covered with floor porcelain stoneware materials, using Mirage Noon collection, a product that combines the warmth of natural wood with the elegance of glossy wood, incorporating all the extraordinary technical characteristics of Mirage porcelain stoneware: timeless and fearless.



The polished finish is suitable for walls or floors with light foot traffic, not in direct contact with outside areas and where non-slip performance is not required.

The surface is polished mechanically, so – as for any natural stone or marble – the occasional presence of non-uniform brightness, or dots on the surface, should be considered a characteristic of the material and the particular process applied.

Available in the 20×120 and 15×60 non-rectified sizes, the NooN collection is a modern Chevron revelation, in which all the expressive power of wood meets leading-edge interior design trends, featuring with unseen matches and potent, original shapes.




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New Project | A Jewels bookmatch

Products: Jewels Bookmatch JW02

Place: West Hollywood, California (CA)

Architect: DJR Design

Website: http://www.djrdesigngroup.com/