The “rough”, lived-in texture of Drakkar reproduces an imperfect surface that combines nature with the passing of time, to create a truly authentic balance. The collection is made up of various types of wood planks, each with their own history, past and, above all, personal aesthetic qualities.

It thus comes in a range of bold yet wellbalanced colors, which make this collection both classic and contemporary, something which becomes even more apparent in proportion to the space in which it is used.

The grouting and scratches create a new aesthetic code that highlights any blemishes and “unfinished” parts, transforming them into new elements of artistic expression and even decorations in some cases.

Color Palette

Three colors that represent three different moods. The warmth of the natural wooden color contrasts with the modern feel of the cold version in shades of grey, although both are able to create a cosy, warm living space.

In addition, the darker tones in shades of blacks, browns and greys, fully allow time to tell its own history with marks and stains, and thousand shades that make up this product.

Field tile application areas


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