Ventilated Facades

A ventilated facade is a means of covering a building; the porcelain stoneware surface is anchored to the wall of the building thanks to an aluminium structure and mechanical anchorage devices.
A ventilation gap is thus created between the two surfaces; the air in the chamber is moved by convection generating a microventilation effect which allows the walls of the building to breathe.
The installation of a suitable insulating layer eliminates thermal bridges, reduces heat dispersion in winter and heat accumulation in the summer; all this to the advantage of energy savings and the comfort of the people in the building.

Indoor flooring

Technical indoor flooring meets the challenging demands of modern work environments, requiring adaptability without sacrificing the technical features and superior appearance of porcelain stoneware. Flexible and versatile applications to make optimum use of the available space with solutions offering the advantage that you can alter the layout of a room, complete maintenance easily, and access and alter service lines running underneath raised flooring without the need for any masonry work.

Outdoor Flooring

Evo_E: a Made in Mirage® professional system of outdoor raised flooring. This floor is normally installed with the two parts joined: support structure and finishing strip. The support structure comprised prefabricated load-bearing supports. These supports are made from polypropylene and are fixed, adjustable or self-levelling. They allow the finished floor to be installed at a height of 1.2 cm – over 60cm. The outdoor raised flooring is fitting with the joints between the panels left open. This allows rainwater to slide into the space that is created under the panels, creating a planar floor with no risk of water accumulation, while the weatherproof part underneath is equipped with the required gradeability for correct separation of rainwater.


PSP is a modular, dry selfsupporting covering system for Made in Mirage® indoor furniture.
The system comprises a porcelain stoneware strip applied to a special rubber support with the same surface and bevelled PVC edge joined to the strip (available in 0.8 or 1.2mm thickness).

Porcelain stoneware

The advantages of Mirage® products

Mirage® porcelain stoneware is a compact, hard wearing and extremely hard material. The slabs are made using a process of vitrification: sand, quartz, feldspar, kaolin, clay and natural oxide pigments are mixed and fired together until they become a single material.



A single, attractive and high-performing range.