Large-size slabs for new design opportunities


As recently seen in the most important design fairs and events, large-size slabs are not just the latest trend in the interior design world; they also offer a great opportunity for architects and design engineers to add a unique touch of character to any type of project, from commercial to private.



Large-size slabs join the range of Mirage collections, offering a variety of surfaces that combine high technology with creativity.

The assortment of sizes, thicknesses and finishes guarantees huge increase in its potential for application, with tailor-made solutions for all the technical demands of the building – indoors, outdoors, floors and wall coverings –, coordinated in a single color or mixing different material looks. 9 mm is the ideal thickness for reliable floor coverings even in large sizes, and of course also for wall coverings.

The 120×120 size is safe in all contexts, while the 120×240 size is ideal for continuous wall coverings without swarf.



Within the evolving contemporary architecture scene, Mirage has now expanded its range of large slabs with the introduction of the 160×160 and 160×320 cm sizes.

Produced in a thickness of 6 mm, the large slabs by Mirage are light and easy to handle, cut and lay, recommended for applications in residential settings, commercial settings with light traffic or not subject to heavy loads or the passage of hard-wheel trolleys.

These are products ready to offer new creative and functional opportunities, guaranteed by the size and the impressive variety of application options.



And finally, the 20mm slabs, created for outdoor use, with dry, raised or glued laying techniques.

Large size slabs, like all Mirage tiles collections, are eco-friendly products that love and respect the environment.



Mirage believes that the planning and production of high quality flooring and wall tiles should not be incompatible with safeguarding the environment, and above all, the unconditional respect for everything that surrounds us.