Living décor ideas: a tile for every style


In 2018, ceramics will definitively be going beyond the idea of a cold tile towards the idea of a sophisticated covering for every design project.

With a wide range of possibilities guaranteed by this material, designers and architects just have to choose the desired effect for a cozy, stylish, almost upholstered look. Let’s take a look at the main trendy furnishing possibilities for 2018. 


Wood look: natural inspiration


The Noon collection by Mirage is the result of a skillful mix of references: oxidized boards faded by the sun, as well as traces of shells, crusts or bark, making each individual board unequivocally different from the others in terms of color and design.
A fresh viewpoint that is nonetheless able to preserve all those spontaneous variants that can be found in nature.


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Stone effect: original, raw taste


If you’re looking for an original, raw taste look, Na.Me by Mirage might be the collection for you.
This collection is the result of research into the stones most widely used in modern architecture and contemporary design: each slab has its own story to tell, and features refined patterns, smooth colors and crafted details.

Na.Me offers a distinctive take on natural references, thanks to the unique quality of selected natural raw materials and cutting-edge techniques that allow for the creation of something that goes beyond the simple interpretation of stone and yields monolithic porcelain slabs with refined patterns and a unique appearance.


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Marble look


Marble-effect tiles are the finest solution to give any setting an elegant look. The Jewels Select collection by Mirage is the latest expression of the most precious natural stone: an exclusive collection of splendid marbles reproduced in porcelain, for floors and walls.

An extraordinary work of research and technical perfection in the veining effect, in the blend of delicate hues, the marked nuances, the small details: Jewels Select is a versatile collection to plan prestigious interiors, combining the functionality of porcelain and timeless beauty.


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