Loft decoration: contemporary setting


Not everyone knows that the term loft comes from the ancient Norwegian language lopt, which means air and indicates an open space in modern design.

The first lofts, built around the 70s, were inspired by the New York houses-ateliers; this esprit is still alive in this kind of apartment, a stylish solution for interior design lovers.



Tips for a loft decor

When decorating a loft, the key concept to consider is the history of the space, in order to preserve the original environment. This kind of apartment often has the typical features of former industrial buildings – lack of dividers, high ceiling, large windows, cement and exposed bricks. These features represent the most important architectural elements to maintain in the new project, in order to preserve its most original essence. This principle is also often maintained in interior decoration, where minimalism and continuous effect are the main inspiration to point up the spaciousness of an open-plan setting.

For a personal interpretation of wall and floor decoration, a good choice for a loft is the metal effect.


Oxy collection: metal effect on your loft’s floors and walls

Scratched, oxidized metals. Craft skills and high-tech performance. OXY is a Mirage project that turns ceramics into a furnishing element, taking inspiration from all the concepts described. Feisty and full of character, this is a futuristic collection for cutting-edge architectural solutions.



Painted sheet metals and oxidized effects create original, attractive looks, in which the ageing and corroding of the material shapes new style canons.

Just as at home in Tokyo as in London, Paris or New York, OXY is a metropolitan experience perfect for luxury loft apartments and exclusive stores, trendy public areas or ventilated facades on contemporary buildings.



Oxy is a project inspired by the world of industry, in which Mirage porcelain stoneware combines with sheet metal into an extraordinarily bold blend of materials.


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