What does the Mirage “Designed in Italy, Made in USA” label mean?


Mirage USA is seeking to deliver an innovative, skilled response to the demands of the North American market concerning technological development applied to the manufacture of porcelain products. Mirage USA offers a perfect combination of the most sophisticated, exclusive, Italian-crafted design and the advantages of manufacturing in the USA.



The “Designed in Italy | Made in USA” label is not just a sales slogan.
It is an expression of a unique combination of values: professional ethics,
social responsibility and respect for others.



It is a production model that endorses the “Made in USA” label in terms of social responsibility, encouraging an environmentally friendly culture in the belief that people and nature represent vital resources that must be safeguarded.

That is why Mirage invests in beneficial products and industrial processes to curb energy consumption and therefore limit potential damage to the environment that may occur through the processing of raw materials. These efforts have made it possible for the company to earn various environmental and product certifications.



The solutions that Mirage designs and supplies meet the demands of any setting – from airports to shopping centers, as well as homes and public spaces all around the US and worldwide. Mirage floor and wall tiles meet sustainable building criteria, while international certifications demonstrate the company’s low environmental impact, high-end performance and comfortable living solutions.