Mirage Engineering: technical solutions for your work setting


Office design is continuously developing towards the needs of people living in the work space. In terms of style, offices are improving as regards the concept, moving beyond the culture of a box to be productive in, without distractions, towards designing more comfortable, creative, bright, colorful settings.

Designers are also seeking to respond to functional requirements, attempting to guarantee effective solutions in terms of technical and structural needs.


The constant increase in technological and design equipment in workplaces (electrical, telephone and IT networks, heating systems and air conditioning systems) has led to a growing trend towards technical solutions, such as raised flooring. This kind of solution is extremely practical, because it can be used to “conceal” components, making it easy to arrange and move cables and pipes as required.

As regards metal structures, Mirage Engineering is able to build flexible, versatile solutions to make optimum use of the space available, with the advantage that it is possible to modify the layout of a room, carry out maintenance easily, access and modify utility lines running underneath raised flooring without the need for any masonry work.

This offers unquestionable savings in terms of time and management costs.


Technical raised floors are functional and flexible in terms of installation –  they can even be placed on top of an existing floor – and they also guarantee beautiful results. The upper covering, made in porcelain stoneware, can be used in various finishings to ensure the best solution for each situation. Choosing Mirage for a technical project means having all the skill and experience of an Engineering business unit, dedicated to providing invaluable technical support at all project phases, from the first draft right up to laying.


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