Noon collection: welcome to comfort


One of the latest trends in design is the raw, unfinished style, which finds expression in architecture through the celebration of the imperfect.
A trend whose strength lies in details, and that has the power to make people feel at home, creating a cozy atmosphere. 

The collection by Mirage that best express this concept is Noon.
Not shabby, nor rustic, nor vintage: “raw-design style” marks a return to the origins, a celebration of the imperfect, the unfinished.
The NooN collection offers a faithful interpretation of the grains, gnarls and variety of patterns typical of unfinished wood planks.



The collection is the result of a skillful mix of references: oxidized boards faded by the sun, as well as traces of shells, crusts or bark, making each individual board unequivocally different from the others in terms of color and design, offering a fresh viewpoint that is nonetheless able to preserve all those spontaneous variants that can be found in nature.



Each board has a story to tell, with its own pattern and its own distinctive shade of color: an inspiration characterized by a sensitivity that becomes evident once again in the signs of ageing and evocative nuances, for a beauty waiting to be rediscovered in the most imperceptible details. Mirage accompanies the warm, aged atmosphere of the natural surface with a polished surface that combines raw graphics with an elegant finish, able to create original, stylish living spaces.



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