A single material: porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware is a compact, resistant material with virtually no porosity (and therefore absorbs almost no water).

The outstanding feature of porcelain stoneware is its composition. Only the purest materials are used, with minerals, kaolin, feldspars and clay making up 99% of each individual tile, while natural colors complete the esthetic effect.

No glues or resins are used to compact the tiles. To make the material even and compact, it is mechanically pressed at a ratio of more than 500 kg per m² (100+ lbs per square foot) and fired in kilns over 90 meters (300 feet) long at a temperature hotter than 1,250°C (2,280°F).

Mirage uses innovative technology to produce unique ceramic tiles, avoiding the repetitive textures and replicated effects typical of more traditional decorated ceramics. Each tile has its own unique identifying features.

Mirage porcelain stoneware meets the criteria for innovative architecture with its ability to combine esthetics and technological performance.

10 reasons to choose on Mirage floors and coverings.

1. Wide range of colors, sizes, thicknesses and finishes

The technical and esthetic characteristics of the material provide a wide range of options, making this product extremely versatile and easy to coordinate.

2. Acid resistant

Resistant to the most common acids, such as vinegar, lemon juice, cola (orthophosphoric acid) and hydrochloric acid. These acids corrode the calcium in marble but leave no trace on ceramic surfaces. It is not resistant to sulfuric acid.

3. Durable

It is more resistant to abrasion and wear than any natural material.

4. Heat resistant

The material does not burn nor does it produce gas or harmful-toxic fumes in case of a fire or when exposed to a flame. There are no problems with hot saucepans or lit cigarettes, unlike wood, laminated plastics, or agglomerates containing resin, which are all damaged by heat.

5. Easy to keep perfectly clean

Organic substances and bacteria that cause allergies and illnesses cannot build up on ceramic granite, and strong detergent and disinfectants can be used on it.

6. Easy to work with

This product lends itself to being worked (cut, drilled, etc.) like natural stone, allowing you to customize it however you choose.

7. Stain Resistant

In the kitchen, oil, wine, and coffee do not leave permanent stains. In the bathroom, perfumes, creams and nail varnish do not stick to the surface, nor stain them. Strong detergents and solvents can even be used without damaging the material.

8. Frost Resistant

The material is frost proof.

9. Stable Colors

Colors are permanent and do not change when exposed to sun, weather, or smog.

10. Environmentally friendly

The tiles contain no waterproofing chemicals, varnishes, or resins, and do not release any gases, even when exposed to flames. Unlike some types of natural stone, they do not release Radon or other radioactive gases, and are not polished using lead. They are completely environmentally friendly.