Porcelain Tiles, a low-maintenance solution for your floor


Porcelain stoneware is a high performance solution for floors and coverings not just for its excellent aesthetic qualities, but even because it is a very easy material both to clean and to mantain.

Mirage porcelain stoneware is in fact a compact, resistant material with virtually no porosity – and therefore it absorbs almost no water.
Its technological performance is due to the purest materials that are used, with minerals, kaolin, feldspars and clay making up 99% of each individual tile.
There are many good reasons to depend on Mirage floors and coverings.



It’s resistant

Porcelain stoneware is resistant to most common acids. This means that on one side in the kitchen – with vinegar, lemon juice, wine and coffee – or in the bathroom – with creams, nail polish and detergents – there are no problems. Surfaces won’t be ruined; they are even resistant to abrasion, more than any natural material.



It’s easy-mainteinable

Porcelain stoneware is both heat and frost resistant and its colors doesn’t change if exposed to sun, wheather or smog.
These are many technical qualities which guarantee an excellent durability over time.



It’s easy to assemble

Last but not least, even the installation part is far than difficult to realize.
Even talking about large slabs, the last trend in architectural design.
Watch our video tutorial:


The technical and esthetic characteristics of the material provide a wide range of options,
making this product extremely versatile and easy to coordinate.


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