When style meets easy care | Porcelain stoneware


From avantgarde to the most traditional settings, tiles offer endless style options, in order to design rooms that express every personal preference and match the specific lifestyle of the people experiencing the ambience.

The extreme flexibility of design options isn’t the only outstanding feature of this material: porcelain stoneware is extremely easy to take care of, because it is a compact, resistant material with virtually no porosity (and therefore absorbs almost no water).


Cleaning instructions: Do’s and don’ts


For day-to-day cleaning, the simplest solution is often the best; we recommend simply using bleach or ammonia, suitably diluted in water. If the floor you choose is in polished porcelain stoneware, you will need to dry the floor after washing: this will prevent unsightly smudges.


For routine cleaning, follow the simple rules explained above. We strongly advise against the application of waxes, oily soaps, impregnating products and other treatments (water and oil repellent) on porcelain stoneware: it is not necessary and can make the situation worse.

The reason? Some detergents contain waxes and gloss-inducing additives which, after various washes, can deposit a bright coat on the floor. This coat modifies the tile’s original appearance, but it is sensitive to Coca Cola, water, wine etc., so if some drops of food or drink ruin it, you will have to de-wax the entire floor to recreate a homogeneous look.

Mirage porcelain stoneware is a technologically advanced, high-performance material: total quality for peace of mind.


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