Wood-effect tiles | how to choose the style for your home


The wood effect plays a key role in contemporary interior design, with a cozy, refined touch particularly appreciated for home projects. But how to choose the most suitable product to express your style?

Sometimes it’s quite hard to decide when you have a lot of choice available.
Mirage can help you, with a wide range of wood-effect collections designed for many different tastes: just pick one!



BWild | Ethno-chic inspiration


If your style mood is close to ethno-chic, the BWild collection could be the right choice, mixing modern and traditional tastes with a flavor of far-off lands.
BWild by Mirage marks a return to the natural look, with a contemporary slant for a smoothly sophisticated style. This collection is composed of several wood options – burnt, oxidized and hand-drawn brushstrokes – combined to create profoundly natural shifts of color. 


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Drakkar | A collection for authenticity lovers



If you appreciate textures that give expression to the passing of time, you will probably be fascinated by Drakkar, a collection that offers a balanced reproduction of nature and its imperfect surfaces, for a truly authentic result. The collection is made up of various types of wood planks, each with their own history, past and, above all, individual aesthetic qualities.
The grouting and scratches create a new aesthetic code that highlights any blemishes and “unfinished” parts, transforming them into new elements of artistic expression and even decorations in some cases.


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Noon | a celebration of imperfections



The NooN collection represents Mirage’s interpretation of “raw design style”: a return to the origins, a celebration of the unfinished.
The NooN collection 
offers a faithful interpretation of the grains, gnarls and variety of patterns typical of unfinished wood planks. 

The collection is the result of a skillful mix of references: oxidized boards faded by the sun, as well as traces of shells, crusts or bark, making each individual board unequivocally different from the others in terms of color and design.
A fresh viewpoint that is nonetheless able to preserve all those spontaneous variants that can be found in nature.


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